World Popularity

The famous TV show "Trick My Truck" with "Chrome Shop Mafia"

and "4 State Trucks" in Joplin,Mo. Chose Iggy's Diner for the Cover

photo shoot for their 2013 calendar !

Chris Smith and Joyce Howes ate at Iggy's and they are from Chester England !

Our friends from Switzerland Marie-carmen, Alexandre and Martin.

Thanks to the Stewart family for visiting from South Africa

Azusa & Hikaru Onuki visiting us from Japan. They are following Route 66. Good luck and have a safe trip home.

Brian Bates & Victor Green From England

Vickie,Matt,Marissa from Orange Cty CA, they own a Sushi Restaurant

Radic Family from France

Dave & Fran Smith stopped in to eat and there from New Zealand ! down under yea !

These young guys are from Japan

Anna DiPietro & Paolo Scorpinti from Rome Italy. Thanks for visiting us and have a safe trip home.

Nicola, Linda, William Walton and Simon White just visited us from South Shields England.

Our friends now from Spain ! Modest,Catalina,Pau and Aina

Thanks Dave and Sam from England, for visiting Iggy's.

Was great to have Shawn Neate, Jack Murrell, and Simon Baker visit us tonight. The are from London, England and following Route 66. Be safe guys and Thanks.

Visiting Iggy's Diner, Amy is from Ireland, David is from Portugal. But they met in London England. They are touring Route 66.

Kim, Thomas, Alice, Agatha, & Virginie ate at Iggy's they are from England and on the route 66 !

Thanks David and Penny from Leeds, England, for visiting Iggy's. Have a safe trip home.

Thanks Kaylene and John from Australia for visiting Iggy's Diner.

Thanks for coming by Ken & Ann Turner Keith & Shelley Ressis from South Africa !

Thank you Pat and Peter from London England for visiting us today. Safe Travels

Thanks Jenny and Samuel from England, for visiting Iggy's.

Here's a very wonderful couple from France

Wonderful family from France ! Estelle, Bert, Thêo, Camillo, Schâfer

Thank You Jorge and Cristina from Spain for visiting us!

Jeff, Abbey, and Estevan have visited us twice now. They are Students from Denton, Texas and are here filming a documentary about the Joplin Tornado. Thanks guys!

Kevin from Joplin and Ally from New Zealand ! Great to have you visit the Diner !

Wonderful visitors stopped by to eat today from Switzerland, Daniela and Hans

Depolyed, sporting our Iggy's T-Shirt working up an apettite!

Can u deliver?

Depolyed sporting our Iggy's T-Shirt and Thanks for your Service ! sorry we don't deliver there.

NYC Iggy's T-Shirt