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route 66

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Histotircal route 66

On November 11, 1926 Route 66 was officially born.
However road signs for this now famous road were not put up until the beginning of 1927.
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Route 66 is actually known as Will Rogers Highway.
The highway ran through several states including Chicago, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
Route 66 was made famous based on a song by Bobby Troup and was featured in a book call the Grapes of Wrath.

Route 66 rambles on for 2,451 miles. Route 66 was opened on November 11, 1926. It was taken off the U.S. Highway system in June of 1985 after being replaced by Interstate Highways.

Dan Rice, owner of 66toCali booth on the Santa Monica Pier, explains the ending of Route 66, America's Main Street. very interesting !

jasper county and Carthage info


Carthage route 66


"Route 66 thru Carthage area"

Route 66

Continue straight at the intersection with Country Rd. 120.

Continue slight right at the intersection with Country Rd. 130.

Turn left (=southwest) at the intersection with MO-96 (Easterly Dr., Willow St.).

Follow MO-96 over the railroad tracks.

Follow MO-96 (=west) onto Central Ave.

Straight across Main St.

Turn left (=south) onto Garrison Ave. (MO-571)
Boots motel: This landmark motel on the right was closed and threatened with destruction to make place for commercial development (2003).

2 blocks fruther, turn right onto Oak St.

Cross US-71.
See dead-end Route 66 alignment to the right (=northeast) 0.3 miles after US-71. The original Route 66 went behing the Route 66 Drive-In to come back in front.
Route 66 Drive-In: Originally built in 1949, and reopened in 1998 after being used as a salvage yard.

Turn slight left onto Old 66 Blvd. 0.5 miles after the crossing of US-71.

    Brooklyn Heights

Continue on Old 66 Blvd. (Hosta Ln.)

Continue on across MO-171 (US-71 business loop) on Old 66 Blvd.

Turn slight right (=north) at the intersection with Hyacinth.

Turn next left (=west) onto Old Route 66 Blvd.
Dead-end section of Route 66 to the right (Index Rd.)


route 66