Iggy's Diner History

      Lets start with the name "Iggy's".  Austin (older now and worked here, cook) as a youngster could not pronounce his uncle's name "Erick" so he just said uncle "iggy" all the time !
   Lets backup now to the very beginning, before Iggy's,     it was the "Gooseberry Diner".

                  {...researching still................  public records indicate that......}

Application for a building permit was on 11-04-1998, by the owner, Greg Eldred of Carthage
The permit # 7332 was issued on the 11-17-1998,  by Carthage Engineering Department

   - at an Estimated cost of $245,000

  - for a 2112 Sq. Ft.  80 seat restaurant of modular construction.
    concrete floor, metal stud walls, metal roof.

  - with Madison Inc. of Tulsa,OK as the Architect
  - with Alumbaugh Construction, Carthage
  - with Scott Pluming, Carthage
  - with Holt Electric, Carthage

..And finally ready to open, issued a Certificate of  Use and Occupancy  on 3-9-99,  4 months later as Gooseberry's

  - with contact persons Greg & Tina Eldred
  - with building owner Eldred & Waserman

 So it was a modular construction (prefab) the manufacture was
    Madison, INC
    8500 New Sapulpa Road
    Tulsa, Oklahoma74131
     ph. (918) 224-6990

    thank you  - Carthage Chamber of Commerce
                     - Powers Museum
                     - Public Works Department, Carthage

We are researching and hope to add to this area on an ongoing basis.   If you have any input
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